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Choose the best for your workstations

Choosing the right devices for your business is the first step towards productivity and user satisfaction. New demands for security and flexibility change the way you work and the answer is not just in technology. We follow you in the purchase, rental and maintenance of business devices with logistics services and advanced support in Italy and abroad.

Business Device: The Offer

Choose the right device for each type of user: an indispensable working tool that we will help you to maintain at the highest performance level. With support and logistics services that will help your users wherever they are

Cut down your machine downtime costs and increase workplace productivity

We have reduced PC delivery times for you by 80%.

We work to improve together with you all issues of PC supply, from staging to maintenance with Elmec warranty.


Standardize your workstations and deliver the most appropriate devices for each working environment to your users.

Advanced Logistics

You can rely on a stock of 10 million euros and 1.5 million spare parts always available.

Top Technology

We are the first Italian partners of HP, Lenovo and Apple for the distribution and support of devices.


Choose our managed services and you'll always have the status of your fleet at your fingertips with the APP MyElmec.

Elmec Smart Roll Out

Whirlpool EMEA has replaced 10,000 PCs in 50 countries with Elmec Informatica, with 97% of users experiencing maximum satisfaction and reducing set-up times from 2 hours to 20 minutes per machine.

The project supervised by Elmec aims to make the technology available in a simple way throughout Whirlpool. As a result, Elmec has always been able to understand and anticipate our needs.

Giorgio Piotti
Whirlpool EMEA Former CIO

Workstations: a webinar to survive at nightmarish offices.

The IT manager gets involved every day to ensure the productivity of the company: which are the strategies for an active and efficient workplace? Find it out in our webinar.

Why rent a PC from Elmec?

Noleggio computer PC Elmec Informatica
  • Save money and reduce your fixed investments
  • You have an ALL INCLUSIVE service (maintenance, insurance update and assistance)
  • The replacement of the machine for technical refresh is included
  • You have a single contact for both technical and financial issues
  • Control your fleet in real time

Our partners

Apple Partner Elmec Informatica
Lenovo Partner Elmec Informatica
HP Partner Elmec Informatica